Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Can mild hand tremors be caused by vitamin B deficiency?

Q. so,I suffer from mild hand tremors that become stronger and more noticeable when I am stressed , nervous or embarrassed. it's becoming really annoying ,I am only 20.

so,can vitamin B deficiency cause these hand tremors since I complain from other symptoms like nervousness and loss of concentration.

A. A lot of studies are showing that a lack of vitamin D can call trouble. Vitamin B deficiency is very rare. On the other hand, you could have essential tremors. This makes your hands tremor and it becomes worse under stress. This needs a neurologist and can be treated with medication.

What are symptoms of being folate anemic?
Q. I just found out I am folate anemic. Vitamin B deficiency. Are my symptoms normal? Pale skin, cold hands and feet, lost of taste, boney face and depression and mood swings. Also my doctor told me to take supplements including vitamin B12, B6 and multi vitamins and they give me a B shot every 2 weeks. So how long will I suffer these symptoms?


Can deficiency of vitamin B cause symptoms similar to angina?
Q. Can deficiency of vitamin B cause symptoms similar to angina?
e.g tingling like feeling at the left arm.

A. Yea long term deficiency of vit B1(thiamine) leads to a condition called "wet beri- beri", which in turn is characterized by symptoms similar to angina( breathlesnes, palpitations).

What is causing my girlfriend to feel like she is going to pass out?
Q. Every so often my girlfriend feels like this, but she told me that she almost got in an accident today and it really is worrying me. She is 23 and healthy (and def not pregnant). This is what she just told me "ok so everything is normal, i get a sudden headache right behind my eyes, feels like a string pulling behind my eyes, my stomach gets very queasy , i could throw up, my vision goes blurry/ i cant focus" and "my head is spinning , i get the feeling i am going to pass out/am falling asleep" all of this extremely sudden. if i move it gets very bad, no turning head/ looking up or down"

Her mother just got diagnosed with a Vitamin B deficiency, but my girlfriend's symptoms don't match with what I have found online concerning that.

Please, if anyone knows I would really appreciate it. She is really stubborn and won't go to the hospital. If she does, what kind of tests should she get done?
Also, she had this happen to her about 4 years ago in college. She had a seizure, was rushed to the hospital and the doctors found nothing. They just told her to eat 3 square meals a day.

A. Well, for one thing... the LAST thing she needs is a secondhand diagnosis on Answers.

Her condition could be caused by any number of things. She needs to see doctor... and the sooner the better... because it's not going to get any better.

I have an idea what it may be, but it would scare the hell out of you if I told you.

Have her see a doctor... seriously.!

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